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I recently posted a video with my thoughts on conducting Tarot readings on the radio. I promised I would write an article to back it up, and here it is! My Radio Story Some years ago I organized a festival in Traralgon in Victoria. As part of the promotion, I managed to get a radio […]


Throughout the world, millions of people purchase Tarot cards, and almost everyone has a tarot card reading at some time in their life. In uncertain times, people flock for psychic readings to try to figure out what their future is, or where their life is headed. I wonder if you have had a tarot reading, […]



Recently we were very excited to hear from Praggya, one of our students in India. Here is the message she sent us. “Dear Linda & John, First of all heartiest greetings from my end. I’m so excited to share my pictures of the exhibition I had participated which started from March 5- 9, 2009. It […]

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I am sure many of you reading this article have pondered on this subject. Are some people simply born with a special gift or is this an acquired skill all of us can learn. Let me tell you my story I was raised in a Christian household and had an aptitude for all things mechanical, […]

What Is Psychometry The art of psychometry is the reading of vibrations from personal effects such as jewellery, watches, etc. Therefore, you are actually reading the history and future of the object, so if the object has been owned by more than one person, you can read the previous and present owners. You can also […]

This is a bit of Psychic fun and a great way to gain insight as part of your readings. What Is Palm Clairvoyance? First, it is not Palmistry. I first studied Palmistry in a goal in Mozambique in 1975! At the time I was captured by Frelimo Terrorists, but that is another story. I just […]